GrowMax Agri Corp. (“GrowMax” or the “Company”) is a private company involved in the exploration for near-surface phosphates, potash and other minerals, and potential development of a fertilizer project in Bayovar, Sechura Desert in N.W. Peru. GrowMax is a subsidiary of Americas Petrogas Inc. (symbol "BOE" on the TSX Venture Exchange) which owns 89% of the Company. In 2009, IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited) became a strategic investor partner by investing directly into GrowMax.  The Company holds registered concessions in the Bayovar district within the Sechura Desert, Peru, totaling in excess of 90,800 hectares (224,300 acres or 908 square kilometers).


Potash or potassium chloride and phosphate are key ingredients used in fertilizer in a global market which is expanding most rapidly in South America and Asia.  GrowMax has already identified near-surface brine and rock phospates on its properties, and is currently evaluating the resource potential of the properties.


Our Vision:


Build GrowMax Agri Corp. into a very significant potash/phosphate fertilizer and specialty chemicals company.