GrowMax Agri Corp ("GrowMax" or "Company") is focused on exploring and developing a potash-rich brine resource and near-surface layered phosphate deposit in addition to other minerals at Bayovar, Sechura Desert in N.W. Peru. The Company's large concession is located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and covers an area of approximately 82,000 hectares (820 square kilometers or 202,600 acres). Potash or potassium chloride (KCl) and phosphate (PO4) are key ingredients used in fertilizer in a global market which is expanding most rapidly in South America and Asia. Our primary objective is to bring into production a plant capable of generating 250,000 tonnes per year of potash. GrowMax's concession offers a unique, low Capex, low Opex opportunity applying solar evaporation processing to recover potash (and other minerals including bromine, gypsum, magnesium and salt) from the mineral-rich Sechura brines and evaporites as well as phosphate from relatively shallow layered deposits. Currently, the Company is conducting an intensive drilling program to assess the potential of the phosphate deposit.

GrowMax is a subsidiary of Americas Petrogas Inc. (symbol "BOE" on the TSX Venture Exchange) which owns 80% of the Company. In 2009, IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited) became a strategic 20% interest investor partner by investing directly into GrowMax.

Our Vision:

Build GrowMax Agri Corp. into a very significant potash/phosphate fertilizer and specialty chemicals company.